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News & Updates May 2, 2019

It’s no secret that America’s most disadvantaged communities have long had troubled relationships, at best, with their local police. But when the Urban Institute shared just how negatively six U.S. communities with the lowest income and highest crime levels felt about their respective police forces, some jaws dropped among police brass attending a Tuesday conference

News & Updates June 28, 2018

John Jay President Karol V. Mason

When a parent looks down at their newborn child, they’re filled with hope. A hope that if this child works hard in life, he’ll be successful. It doesn’t matter where he was born, how much his parents make, or his ethnicity. That hope is there. It’s a hope we pride ourselves on as a nation—we’re

News & Updates June 21, 2018

‘Zero-tolerance’ approach not very effective, experts say

In order for any “zero-tolerance” policy to take effect and stop people from committing crimes, the criminals have to know that such uniform consequences are handed out, David Kennedy, a criminal justice professor at John Jay College, told ABC News. “If zero-tolerance or any other law enforcement policy is designed to deter than it can’t

News & Updates June 16, 2018

Baton Rouge officials ramp up custom home visits hoping to intervene in group violence

With the arrival of summer's notorious bloody months and the now-defunct anti-violence initiative BRAVE in the rear-view mirror, Baton Rouge's law enforcement officials are embracing a new method for violence intervention: showing up unannounced to the homes of those they believe are linked to the violence.   These home visits, coined “custom notifications” by researchers with the

News & Updates June 15, 2018

The war on drugs failed. It’s time for a war on abuse

Instead of incentivizing police to go after the money and property of people they merely suspect of having drugs, they should be incentivized to pursue dangerous abusers. Over 70% of sheriff's offices serving 25,000 or more residents participated in a drug task force in 2007, the most recent year for which data was available. Imagine if

News & Updates June 14, 2018

This city in N.C. has reduced domestic violence. Why can’t Orlando?

Central Florida should be looking to High Point, N.C., a town of just more than 100,000 people outside Greensboro, where police have come down hard on perpetrators of domestic violence and sharply reduced the number of related killings. In the five years before starting the crackdown strategy, High Point saw 17 domestic violence-related murders. In