The National Network for Safe Communities supports cities implementing proven strategic interventions to reduce violence and improve public safety, minimize arrest and incarceration, strengthen communities, and improve relationships between law enforcement and the communities it serves. The National Network is committed to building a community of practice that operates along a set of guiding principles:

First do no harm

Strengthen communities’ capacity to prevent violence

Enhance legitimacy

Offer help to those who want it

Get deterrence right

Use enforcement strategically


News & Updates

  • Pittsburgh gun violence drops to 12-year low; mayor credits police anti-gang efforts

    March 2018  |  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  

    Through Tuesday afternoon, the city had seen 14 non-fatal shootings in 2018, Cmdr. Joseph said, compared to 31 through the same period last year — a 55 percent decrease.

    He attributes the decline to the bureau’s Group Violence Intervention [GVI], a strategy that aims to reduce gang-related gun violence by targeting the city’s most violent gang members while also offering social services and support to those who agree to stop shooting.

    Tags: Pittsburgh National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice Group Violence Intervention Support and Outreach

  • Case Study: Using DMI to Combat Covert Opioid Markets

    March 2018  |  Police Chief Magazine  

    Today’s opioid markets are different from the open-air drug markets that were subject to special attention in past DMI implementations; they are, in particular, covert rather than overt. People are not, for the most part, standing out on street corners selling opioids or operating flagrant drug houses. The role that was played by geographic location in overt markets is instead played by social networks of dealers and addicts. But, within those networks, potentially similar elements operate: supply, demand, and the need for the successful functioning of markets. In principle, as long as the structure of an opioid market can be analyzed and its key dynamics identified, the logic of market disruption might be applicable. In considering a “covert market” DMI, the two most pressing practical questions seem to be: (1) Is it possible to identify the shape of the market and, especially, the key dealers in it? and (2) Is the number of key dealers manageably small, and can we imagine a practical and potentially meaningful intervention?

    Tags: Rutland Drug Market Intervention

  • Helfrich optimistic about York’s gun-violence initiative

    February 2018  |  York Dispatch  

    Helfrich said York City residents need to understand that GVI isn't a short-term program. It's how the city will be doing business from now on. "We will be wherever the violence is," Helfrich said. "We will be there with all the services we can provide — and all the enforcement we can provide. Our mission hasn't changed." 


    Tags: York Group Violence Intervention Support and Outreach

  • Focused Deterrence Strategies Save Lives

    January 2018  |  Criminology & Public Policy  

    An important new meta-analysis of 24 focused deterrence implementations—in particular, the National Network’s Group Violence Intervention and Drug Market Intervention—was published in Criminology & Public Policy. The systematic review, led by Professors Weisburd, Braga, and Turchan, found that focused deterrence strategies “generate noteworthy crime reduction impacts and should be part of a broader portfolio of crime reduction strategies available to policy makers and practitioners.”

    In a companion paper analyzing the findings of the systematic review, Professor Robin Engel put a finer tip on their conclusion: "Focused deterrence strategies save lives." 

    Tags: Drug Market InterventionGroup Violence Intervention

  • Authorities in Malmö: Stop shooting

    January 2018  |  Sverige Radio  

    "The special thing is that several government agencies work together and that they have the same message and that is: stop shooting," says Anna von Reis, Head of Department of Social Work and Social Affairs in Malmö.

    Of the 200 Malmö criminal networks, they have issued those who either have a conditional sentence or are under supervision and therefore may be forced to a meeting where, among other things, the social service explains what they can assist.

    Tags: Group Violence Intervention

  • Newburgh crime rates lowest ‘in over 10 years’

    January 2018  |  Times Herald-Record  

    Violent crime in Newburgh continued to fall last year as the city waits for the state to determine if former Beacon police Chief Doug Solomon is eligible to lead its department, City Manager Michael Ciaravino said on Monday.

    The combined number of aggravated assaults, homicides, rapes and robberies in 2017 fell by 14 percent from 2016, Ciaravino told the City Council. Part 1 crimes, which include violent crimes along with arson, burglaries, car thefts and larcenies, were down almost 15 percent, he said.

    There were six homicides last year, the same as in 2016, but the overall number of people injured by gunshots dropped significantly last year, from 48 to 17, Ciaravino said.

    “This was the lowest crime rates in over 10 years,” he said.

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NNSC Impact


reduction in group member-involved homicide



decrease in group member-involved homicides

New Orleans


reduction in gun assaults through Project Safe Neighborhooods



reduction in gang-involved shootings among gangs treated with crackdowns



reduction in overall shooting behavior among factions represented at call-ins



reduction in youth homicide



reduction in drug offenses



reduction in homicides through Project Safe Neighborhoods



reduction in non-violent offenses