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News & Updates May 31, 2018

Kalamazoo police say focus on group violence reduces shootings

Less than half of one percent of Kalamazoo residents are involved in more than half of the city's homicides and shootings. People who disproportionately commit violent acts and suffer from them often are associated with street groups, police said. It's why the city's department of public safety is committed to a program to reduce gang violence, an

News & Updates May 30, 2018

National researchers meet with Baton Rouge leaders in partnership addressing violence

Baton Rouge law enforcement, community and human services leaders met Wednesday with academics from the National Network for Safe Communities, beginning a partnership aimed at decreasing youth gang violence and domestic violence in the capital city.  Representatives from the New York-based John Jay College of Criminal Justice shared their violence intervention framework, hoping to jump-start the

News & Updates May 25, 2018

Have You Ever Seen Someone Be Killed?

Researchers with the Boston Reentry Study were one year into their interviews, following 122 men and women as they returned from prison to their neighborhoods and families, when they asked the kind of question that’s hard to broach until you know someone well. They prompted the study’s participants to think back to childhood. “Did you ever see

News & Updates May 24, 2018

Police Legitimacy and Homicide: A Macro-Comparative Analysis

This study tests the claim that police legitimacy affects the prevalence of homicide. The analysis suggests that police legitimacy has a substantial, negative association with homicide rates, consistent across different sources of homicide data and controlling for a variety of economic, political, and demographic variables.