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News & Updates December 28, 2017

New Haven marks lowest homicide number in decades in 2017

With only a day left in 2017, New Haven is on pace for the lowest number of homicides in decades. The seven homicides this year — down from 13 in 2016 — would mark the fewest in New Haven since 2003, when the city had eight. Both Campbell and Generoso credited the Police Department’s numerous

News & Updates December 22, 2017

York City’s shootings drop by half, GVI credited for reduction

York City had less than half the shootings in 2017 than it had the year before, according to city officials, who credit the national Group Violence Intervention initiative with reducing those numbers.  The GVI initiative, which began in York City in February after more than a half-year of planning, led to city officers, other law enforcement and GVI community partners

News & Updates December 19, 2017

Report: Connecticut’s Project Longevity Is Effective Tool Against Gun Violence

A new report from a gun policy group founded by former Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords highlights Connecticut’s Project Longevity as one of the most effective programs in the nation at combating gun violence. The state-funded Project Longevity, which has an annual budget of $885,000, was launched in 2012 and operates in New Haven, Hartford and Bridgeport, three cities that account for

News & Updates December 14, 2017

Americans Don’t Really Understand Gun Violence

Some police departments do carefully track shootings, but most keep that data internal. In New York City, for example, police track nonfatal shootings rigorously, Aborn said, starting from when victims walk into an emergency room with a gunshot wound. “We really like to unpack shootings,” he said. “It’s almost an epidemiology approach: understanding what’s causing