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News & Updates August 24, 2017

Put the Guns Down: A Chicago Strategy for Curbing Violence

According to a recent report from the Urban Institute, a strategy aimed at reducing gun violence in Chicago by targeting gang members most at risk of being victims or perpetrators with a combination of “moral suasion” and the threat of criminal sanctions resulted in significant reductions of violence.

News & Updates August 22, 2017

ACLU taps tech to help the public hold district attorneys accountable to criminal justice reform

The MeetYourDA online campaign aims to build power in local communities to hold district attorneys accountable to criminal justice reform and put district attorney races on the map. A collaborative effort between the ACLU and Elefint Designs, MeetYourDA makes it easy for constituents to learn who their county’s district attorney is and how they stand on certain policy

News & Updates August 18, 2017

Now Minneapolis’ top cop, Medaria Arradondo brings useful skills to big task

Recently confirmed Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo, acknowledging the historical mistreatment of minorities by law enforcement: “When legislative laws came down, whether it's segregating our schools or universities, police were the people on the front lines that were thrust into those very hot-button social issues. This has not changed today.”

News & Updates August 16, 2017

Editorial: Let Prisoners Learn While They Serve

Using more than $7 million in criminal forfeiture money secured from banks, Manhattan District Attorney—and Institute for Innovation in Prosecution Advisory Board Co-Chair—Cyrus Vance Jr. will fund New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's prison education plan. The program will expand the number of inmates taking college courses from 1,000 to about 3,500.

News & Updates August 14, 2017

Community comes together to tackle violence

Representatives from the street, the clergy, the community and Government came together for an anti-violence event at the weekend. The event — called Changing Lives — was organised by Desmond Crockwell, chief editor of VisionzMagazine, and coincided with the coming second issue of the publication. The standing-room only event, held at the Bermuda Public Service Union

News & Updates August 11, 2017

Chattanooga holds first VRI call-in since Mayor announces Roddy as Chief

Chattanooga held its 11th call-in since the Violence Reduction Initiative began in 2014 and the first since Mayor Andy Berke named Deputy Chief David Roddy Chattanooga’s top cop. Along with Chief Roddy, the meeting's speakers included Public Safety Coordinator Troy Rogers, a federal prosecutor, an attorney with the DA’s office, a former gang member, and a