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News & Updates June 30, 2017

Google Gives $2 Million to Curb Gun Violence

The tech giant’s philanthropic arm will grant $2 million to fund gun violence prevention programs in communities of color in 10 American cities. Most of the investment will go to programs that follow the model of Ceasefire, a violence-reduction strategy that coordinates law enforcement, community stakeholders, and social services to drive down shootings. The grants will also establish job-training

News & Updates June 28, 2017

Bryan Stevenson: A Presumption of Guilt

“People of color in the United States, particularly young black men, are often assumed to be guilty and dangerous. In too many situations, black men are considered offenders incapable of being victims themselves. As a consequence of this country’s failure to address effectively its legacy of racial inequality, this presumption of guilt and the history

News & Updates June 26, 2017

When Police Fail to Solve Homicides, Families Carry the Weight

David Kennedy: “Low clearance rates mean people have low confidence in the police, which leads to reluctance to cooperate, which leads to low clearance rates. At the same time, low clearance rates mean that there isn’t legal accountability for serious violence, which leads people to take things into their own hands, which leads to high levels

News & Updates June 26, 2017

Want To Be A Chicago Police Officer? You’ll Have To Learn Black History

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, speaking to recruits: “Because violence most often affects those in disadvantaged neighborhoods, due in part to the disparity we desperately need to fix, we also find ourselves interacting more often than not with African-Americans and other people of color. Many of you will start your careers in these areas, and it’s

News & Updates June 16, 2017

Chief Diggs hopes progressive policing will lead to healing in Fort Myers

Fort Myers police Chief Derrick Diggs implements new tactics to strengthen the relationship between community members and law enforcement. Through efforts to collaborate with consultants, the minority community, institutions, and his own police force, Diggs enacts a progressive reform to his department’s practices in order to focus more heavily on restorative justice, to build trust with

News & Updates June 6, 2017

Police speak less respectfully to black drivers, study suggests

Analyzing 183 hours' worth of body camera footage from the Oakland Police Department (OPD), a team of Stanford researchers found that police officers tended to be “less respectful, less polite, less friendly, less formal and less impartial” towards black drivers during traffic stops as compared to whites. Responding to this report, OPD Deputy Chief Leronne

News & Updates June 5, 2017

A Police Chief Reflects: ‘Handcuffs Are Not the Solution’

Former Dallas Police Chief David Brown, on how society should address crime and violence: “You have to find a way to peel back the layers, and find root causes, and mitigate the root causes where they occur, whether that’s mental illness, drug addiction, job training, opportunities in the community, or economic development. You have to