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News & Updates October 10, 2017

Tackling history of race and policing starts with well-informed officers

In this op-ed for The Hill, two Pittsburgh Bureau of Police officers involved with the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice explain why they feel it's important for police to understand the history of race in America (and how police departments are perceived by marginalized communities). “By addressing concrete aspects of local and national history, procedural justice training

News & Updates October 6, 2017

Why Do We Ignore Initiatives That Reduce Gun Violence?

“While movies, television and news outlets often give the impression that entire cities and neighborhoods are filled with thugs, criminals and killers, the reality is that those responsible for a majority of shootings represent a tiny percentage of the residents of any given city. In response to this fact, effective gun violence reduction strategies adopt

News & Updates October 5, 2017

Pastor tasked with beating gang violence

Pastor Leroy Bean was announced yesterday as Bermuda’s gang violence reduction co-ordinator. Mr Bean brings personal experience to the position. He explained: “I’ve had family members killed, I’ve had family members that have been shot.” The pastor believes that helping the public understand the mindset of those involved in antisocial behaviour is one of the

News & Updates October 2, 2017

Here’s What Actually Reduces Gun Violence

Some of the strongest evidence on reducing gun violence comes not from controls on gun purchases, but from an approach to policing called “focused deterrence.” Since rolled out in dozens of other cities, repeated studies have shown that the approach can reduce urban gun violence — typically by between 20 and 40%.