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    Scores of American cities have implemented the National Network's strategies with powerful impact over nearly two decades. Substantial research and field experience has proven that these interventions are associated with large reductions in violence and other serious crime.

The National Network's approach has attracted significant media attention over twenty years. This page features the most recent coverage of our work and a searchable archive of media about the National Network's projects around the nation and abroad.

The National Network convenes regular conferences, working sessions and webinars to discuss and promote developments in its core areas of operation, showcase innovations, and set research and development priorities.

Recent Press

Meg Reiss: A Task for Prosecutors

February 2017  |  The New York Times  

"Prosecutors have the responsibility to recognize the dignity in the person in front of them, and the authority to base their decisions on that humanity rather than on a single moment."

Tags: Institute for Innovation in Prosecution

John Pfaff: Everything You Think You Know About Mass Incarceration Is Wrong

February 2017  |  The Marshall Project  

In his new book, "Locked In," Fordham University law professor John Pfaff challenges every element of the popular narrative about the United States' broken criminal justice system.

Tags: Institute for Innovation in Prosecution

How ‘Collateral Consequences’ Can Still Hurt After Prison

February 2017  |  The Crime Report  

"Nationwide, 'collateral consequences' for the formerly incarcerated—legal restrictions on whether formerly incarcerated parents can, for example, volunteer in their children’s schools, vote, or get a real estate appraiser’s license—number more than 48,000."


Policy lab opens, releases gun violence paper

January 2017  |  Yale Daily News  

Andrew Papachristos' Policy Lab will be an interdisciplinary social and political science research lab. 

Tags: New Haven Group Violence Intervention

Newly-elected district attorneys are putting reform initiatives into action

January 2017  |  The Marshall Project  

In jurisdictions around the country, incoming district attorneys, who campaigned on less-punitive sentences, marijuana decriminalization, opposition to the death penalty, and charging fewer juveniles as adults, are putting some initial reforms into action.

Tags: Institute for Innovation in Prosecution

Can Pollsters Drive Down Crime in New York?

January 2017  |  The Marshall Project  

NYPD consultant John Linder is helping develop technology that "will deliver to police and their executives real-time measures of public attitudes — whether trust is going up or down, whether the sense of safety is going up or down, and whether the job approval of the NYPD is going up or down—by neighborhood."

Tags: New York City National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice Group Violence Intervention

Chief pleased with South Bend police work as calls for help surge

January 2017  |  South Bend Tribune   

Despite an increase in calls for help in South Bend in 2016, police used force in fewer cases, and citizen complaints against officers decreased significantly. Homicides and gang-related shootings were also down from the previous year's totals.

Tags: South Bend Group Violence Intervention

Want to Reform Policing in Your City? Here’s How

January 2017  |  The Crime Report  

As noted police accountability expert Samuel Walker writes, "the long-term solution to our police problems lies in electing officials who are committed to professional, respectful and constitutional policing—and are informed about what needs to be done to get there."


Want to fix gun violence in America? Go local.

January 2017  |  The Guardian  

"Half of America's gun homicides in 2015 were clustered in just 127 cities and towns, according to a new geographic analysis by the Guardian, even though they contain less than a quarter of the nation’s population."


Yale study models gun violence as a social epidemic

January 2017  |  Yale Daily News  

Andrew Papachristos, study author and professor of sociology: "This information is crucial for pinpointing high-risk individuals who might benefit from intervention. If we have this social map, we can send first responders, trauma specialists, interventionists and police if necessary."

Tags: Chicago Group Violence Intervention

New Haven interim police chief cites ‘collaborative effort’ for decrease in crime

January 2017  |  New Haven Register  

Project Longevity and our partners in New Haven are playing a substantial role in crime reduction. 

Tags: New Haven Group Violence Intervention Support and Outreach

Crime Drop in New Haven Heralded

January 2017  |  New Haven Register  

Our partners with Project Longevity have helped reduce violence, leading to "half as many New Haveners" being shot relative to a decade ago. 

Tags: New Haven Group Violence Intervention

Researchers Begin To Look At Gun Violence As Public Health Issue

January 2017  |  NPR  

National Network partner Andrew Papachristos and his colleague Gary Slutkin "have started to look at gun violence as a public health epidemic, and how to take a holistic approach and reinterpret the problem."

Tags: Social Network Analysis

Shootings in New York Fall to Lowest Number Since the ’90s

January 2017  |  New York Times  

National Network Director David Kennedy comments, “New York City, in many ways, convinced the rest of the country that things like zero tolerance were the way to make communities safe, and now it’s showing the country that you absolutely do not need to do that, you should not do it, and there are much, much better and less damaging ways to work with communities to produce public safety.”Kevin Hagen for The New York Times

Tags: New York City Group Violence Intervention

How One Prosecutor Pursued Justice & Fairness

January 2017  |  Marshall Project  

"2016 Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Ken Armstrong brought us this uplifting story of justice, fairness — and an extraordinary, unlikely friendship."

Tags: Institute for Innovation in Prosecution

Filmmakers put spotlight on High Point police’s domestic violence initiative

January 2017  |  FOX News 8  

The National Network's Intimate Partner Violence Intervention that was first piloted in High Point, NC helped drive dramatic reductions in the lethal intimate partner violence in the city, nearly eliminating IPV homicides. 

Tags: High Point Intimate Partner Violence Intervention

Homicides and Shootings Continue to Fall in New Haven

December 2016  |  New Haven Register  

Project Longevity in New Haven is continuing to contribute to sustained low-levels of violent crime. Daily intelligence meetings, custom notifications, and other innovations are supporting the vital work being done. 

Tags: New Haven Group Violence Intervention Custom Notifications

Crime dropped faster in 2015 in states with larger prison declines

December 2016  |  Pew Charitable Trusts  

A new report from Pew has highlighted that the United States' "imprisonment rate fell 8.4 percent while the combined violent and property crime rate declined 14.6 percent" with 31 states reducing both simultaneously. This report is further evidence that focused policing can reduce crime without harming communities.  

Tags: Institute for Innovation in ProsecutionNational Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice

Violent Crime Rate Drops in Connecticut, State Analysis Shows

December 2016  |  Wall Street Journal  

"The violent crime rate in Connecticut fell nearly 23% from 2012 to 2015, representing the sharpest decline of any U.S. state, according to the state’s own analysis of federal data."

Tags: BridgeportHartfordNew Haven Group Violence Intervention

13 Places that Saw Bail Reform in 2016

December 2016  |  Cleveland.com  

This piece features a slideshow documentating some of the places that took significant steps towards a more equitable bail system in 2016. 

Tags: Institute for Innovation in Prosecution

The Roots of Implicit Bias

December 2016  |  New York Times  

"Implicit bias is grounded in a basic human tendency to divide the social world into groups."

Tags: Institute for Innovation in ProsecutionNational Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice

Stockton Police Look To Open Dialogue With Community

December 2016  |  Stockton Record  

"By his own account, Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones says law enforcement has had a troubled history with its community. He believes the only way forward is dialogue with the community."

Tags: Stockton National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice Group Violence Intervention Reconciliation

Top Prosecutors Are Part of New Gun Enforcement Unit

December 2016  |  Baltimore Sun   

"A special unit of "elite" prosecutors and police detectives devoted to putting violent repeat gun offenders behind bars has officially begun operations in Baltimore."

Tags: Baltimore Institute for Innovation in Prosecution

A researcher explains the sad truth: we know how to stop gun violence. But we don’t do it.

December 2016  |  Vox  

"So what can America do to stop gun violence? A new, major report from Harvard University researchers Thomas Abt and Christopher Winship reviewed the evidence, putting together the big take from 43 reviews of the research that covered more than 1,400 individual studies, while following up with on-the-ground fieldwork across the US and Latin America."

Tags: Stockton National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice Group Violence Intervention

The First Black Woman DA in Alabama History Wants to Shake Up the Death Penalty

December 2016  |  Vice News  

"For decades, two things have been true about criminal justice in Jefferson County, Alabama: The district attorneys have been white men, and a lot of people have been sentenced to death. Lynneice Washington is about to change that."

Tags: Institute for Innovation in Prosecution

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