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    Scores of American cities have implemented the National Network's strategies with powerful impact over nearly two decades. Substantial research and field experience has proven that these interventions are associated with large reductions in violence and other serious crime.

The National Network's approach has attracted significant media attention over twenty years. This page features the most recent coverage of our work and a searchable archive of media about the National Network's projects around the nation and abroad.

The National Network convenes regular conferences, working sessions and webinars to discuss and promote developments in its core areas of operation, showcase innovations, and set research and development priorities.

Recent Press

National leader for Group Violence Intervention visits South Bend to check on city’s progress

February 2016  |  Fox 28  

National Network Director David Kennedy recently paid a visit to partner city South Bend, Indiana as they continue to implement their group violence intervention. 

Tags: South Bend Group Violence Intervention

American Justice Summit Draws Leading Voices on Criminal Justice Reform

February 2016  |  John Jay College News  

"The urgent need for American justice and prison system reform took center stage at John Jay College of Criminal Justice on Jan. 29, as the second annual American Justice Summit brought together individuals who are working at both the policy and grass roots levels to find creative and effective solutions for a variety of pressing problems."


Tragedy Moves A Community To Combat Drug Addiction

January 2016  |  NPR  

Following the tragic death of a high school senior in Rutland, Vermont in 2012, "city officials, police and neighborhood activists came together to create a grassroots organization called Project VISION" to combat the city's heroin problem. The group's membership now stands at nearly 300 people ranging from local officials, law enforcement, nonprofits, service organizations, state agencies, and church groups.

Tags: Drug Market Intervention Support and Outreach

Gary crime statistics show 2015 improvement

January 2016  |  Chicago Tribune  

"Crime is down in Gary, a news release issued by city officials announced. Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson praised Gary police officers "for their untiring service to the Gary community," adding that "nearly all police and fire personnel received pay increases in 2015 and 2016."

Tags: Gary Group Violence Intervention

Chicago Teens And Combat Veterans Join Forces To Process Trauma

January 2016  |  NPR  

"The YMCA of Metro Chicago project connects kids like Courtney-Clarks, who live in high-violence neighborhoods, with veterans who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan and who might understand what they're going through...The Urban Warriors program is built on the idea that these kids are experiencing trauma and need to process it, and that witnessing or experiencing violence can affect how they behave at home, react at school, or lead them to commit violence themselves."

Tags: Chicago Group Violence Intervention Support and Outreach

US attorney for Connecticut builds closer ties with police

January 2016  |  Associated Press  

"Federal law enforcement agencies are working more closely with big-city police departments in Connecticut to fight violent crime, the state’s top U.S. prosecutor said in an interview. Cooperation has been particularly effective in New Haven, where the police department has begun regularly sharing intelligence, U.S. Attorney Deirdre Daly said. Representatives from Daly’s office, federal and state agencies, New Haven police and other local departments huddle together daily in meetings that began this month."

Tags: New Haven Group Violence Intervention

Suffolk Partners with Federal Officials to Create Firearm Supression Team

January 2016  |  Long Island Exchange  

"Officials from the Suffolk County Police Department, Suffolk County Probation, FBI and ATF today announced the creation of a firearm suppression team aimed at removing illegal guns from Suffolk County streets at a press conference in HauppaugeF.A.S.T, Firearm Suppression Team, will target individuals who pose the most significant threat to the safety of Suffolk residents and will aim to remove illegal firearms from the county’s streets. F.A.S.T. will focus its attention on communities that are most affected by firearm-related crimes."

Tags: Group Violence Intervention

A safe space in one of Chicago’s most violent neighborhoods

January 2016  |  CBS News  

This article profiles "Kids Off the Block," a community initiative in Chicago that "provides a safe space for youth who experience gun violence as part of everyday life." The program, coupled with the Chicago Violence Reduction Strategy, is producing important results for young people in these Chicago neighborhoods. 

Tags: Chicago Group Violence Intervention Support and Outreach

The NYPD: Winning the war on crime

January 2016  |  New York Daily News  

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton discusses the important steps the NYPD is taking to combat crime in New York City as well as the results that were produced in 2015. In addition to generally positive crime trends, the NYPD has worked, with promising results, to decrease enforcement encounters including a 96% decline in stop and frisks since 2011. Commissioner Bratton writes that "the NYPD and New York City’s many diverse communities are supposed to be allies, but the way we have done business in the past has often kept us from finding common ground. We will find the common ground we seek on local ground."

Tags: New York City Group Violence InterventionSwift, Certain, & Fair

Stockton Crime Rate at 15-Year Low

January 2016  |  Stockton Record  

"The Stockton Police Department released statistics Wednesday showing that the city’s crime rate hit a 15-year low in 2015, a sign of progress in a community that has been besieged by violence in recent years. Jones said the statistics validate policies put in place to reduce violent crime in Stockton, including the Marshall Plan, Operation Ceasefire and the Neighborhood Blitz Team."

Tags: Stockton Group Violence Intervention Reconciliation

Rutland’s Fight Against Opiates Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

January 2016  |  Vermont Public Radio   

Project Vision in Vermont has been working to effectively address the heroin epidemic sweeping the state. The NNSC has provided informal advising to officials in Rutland, VT based on our Drug Market Intervention and have been pleased to see it being successfully mapped to the heroin crisis that is affecting Vermont and many other areas across the country. 

Tags: Drug Market Intervention Custom NotificationsSupport and Outreach

2015 Citizen of the Year: Rosilyn Temple, mother of murdered son, turns grief into a force for good

January 2016  |  Kansas City Star  

Rosilyn Temple leads the Kansas City chapter of Mothers in Charge, a community support group for people who have lost children to homicide. After Ms. Temple's son was tragically murdered in 2011, she began working with Mothers in Charge to help mothers who were suffering under the same circumstances as her. She has been extremely active and important member of the Kansas City Community and the city's No Violence Alliance. Joe Ledford

Tags: Kansas City Group Violence Intervention Support and Outreach

New Haven homicides up slightly in 2015, but total shots fired cut in half

January 2016  |  New Haven Register  

New Haven rounded out 2015 with a significant drop in the number of "shots fired" incidents it reported. The total number of homicides stayed relatively constant but some New Haven leaders are crediting Project Longevity with aiding this impressive decline in shootings. Wes Duplantier -- New Haven Register

Tags: New Haven Group Violence Intervention

The ‘Miracle’ Program That Actually Reduces Gun Violence

January 2016  |  Huffington Post  

"The programs that have best managed to reduce gun violence target the young men most likely to be involved in shootings with a combination of assistance and policing. Almost all of them are modeled on Operation Ceasefire, an initiative that started in Boston in 1996 and ended four years later."

Tags: Boston Group Violence Intervention

In the end, 2015 saw no ‘war on cops’ and no ‘national crime wave’

December 2015  |  Washington Post  

While national storylines are highlighting growing violence against police and a national crime wave, the data does not support those conclusions. Radley Balko writes about the importance of context in discussing these issues. 


Newburgh Police Crave Community Connection

December 2015  |  Hudson Valley News Network  

"Newburgh has long been a city in turmoil, but the Newburgh Police Dept., behind the capable and compassionate leadership of Acting Chief Dan Cameron, has impacted the high crime rate with an intriguing mix of programs designed to shake things up."

Tags: Group Violence Intervention

Operation Go West: Chief A.C. Roper, 50-plus cops hit crime hotspots

December 2015  |  AL.com  

"Teams of Birmingham police officers, including Chief A.C. Roper, hit the streets in the western portion of the city [in December] to let both the criminals, and the residents, know they care and they are watching."

Tags: Birmingham Group Violence Intervention Custom Notifications

Operation Go West: Chief A.C. Roper, 50-plus cops hit crime hotspots

December 2015  |  AL.com  

"Teams of Birmingham police officers, including Chief A.C. Roper, hit the streets in the western portion of the city today to let both the criminals, and the residents, know they care and they are watching."

Tags: Birmingham Group Violence Intervention

No Violence Alliance to stay course despite homicide uptick in 2015

December 2015  |  KMBC  

"Kansas City’s No Violence Alliance said despite an uptick in the city’s homicide rate this year, its members are staying the course."

Tags: Kansas City Group Violence Intervention

SCMPD Hopes New Video Helps End Gun Violence

December 2015  |  WSAV 3  

"Police are taking a new approach online and on TV to try and stop the shootings that seem to occur every day Savannah."

Tags: Savannah-Chatham Group Violence Intervention

Who is Putting the Most People in Jail? Not New York, Chicago, or LA.

December 2015  |  The Marshall Project   

"As documented in last year’s report of the National Research Council, incarceration rates in the U.S. more than quadrupled between the early 1970s and 2009, the peak year in the prison build-up...Less well known, however, are the metrics of a distinct phenomenon — changing incarceration rates in American jails."


NYPD up to the challenge of gang violence: Commissioner Bratton

December 2015  |  New York Daily News  

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton published this piece in the New York Daily News as part of the outlets special report on group violence in New York City. Commissioner Bratton writes that the NYPD is up to this challenge and discusses initiatives such as NYC Ceasefire that are already in place to address this issue. 

James Keivom

Tags: New York City Group Violence Intervention

Gangs tied to 49 percent of shootings in New York City, mostly over petty disputes

December 2015  |  New York Daily News  

"Along with the mass killers and rifle-toting terrorists who are driving the nation’s gun debate are New York’s own gangbangers, who are behind the triggers of nearly half the city’s shootings, officials said. And when gunplay across the five boroughs turns deadly, gang members are quite often responsible, accounting for 130, or 40%, of the city’s murders this year, police said."

Nicolas Enriquez

Tags: New York City Group Violence Intervention Social Network Analysis

Philadelphia District Attorney creates new pre-trial felony diversion pilot program with CCP: Future

December 2015  |  Philadelphia Sun  

"Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams this week launched a new pre-trial felony diversion pilot program called Future Forward to provide individuals who have been charged with a non-violent felony crime an alternative to incarceration. The program, which is the first of its kind in the nation and the creation of the District Attorney himself, is designed to increase access to educational opportunities and reduce recidivism."

Tags: Philadelphia Institute for Innovation in Prosecution Swift, Certain, & Fair Support and Outreach

Want the shooting to stop? Tell people to stop shooting each other: Rhonda Mays

December 2015  |  PennLive  

"How many survivors of gun violence have bullets lodged in their bodies? How many are paralyzed, must now use a colostomy bag, or are otherwise physically disabled or mentally damaged for life? How many young shooting victims will themselves commit murder in a kill-them-before-they–kill–me state of mind? How do you stop young people from shooting and murdering each other?  The answer is this: You tell them to stop shooting and murdering each other." 

Tags: Group Violence Intervention Support and Outreach

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