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    Scores of American cities have implemented the National Network's strategies with powerful impact over nearly two decades. Substantial research and field experience has proven that these interventions are associated with large reductions in violence and other serious crime.

The National Network's approach has attracted significant media attention over twenty years. This page features the most recent coverage of our work and a searchable archive of media about the National Network's projects around the nation and abroad.

The National Network convenes regular conferences, working sessions and webinars to discuss and promote developments in its core areas of operation, showcase innovations, and set research and development priorities.

Recent Press

Use of Data Can Stop Crime by Helping Potential Victims

November 2015  |  New York Times  

Andrew Papachristos is a professor at Yale University and a Senior Research Advisor for the National Network. He recently published this article as part of a New York Times' series asking: "Can Crime be Ethically Predicted?" Professor Papachristos offers a nuanced view of how data can be used in crime prevention. 

Tags: Social Network Analysis

In New Haven FBI leader lauds Project Longevity, says nation must work for better police relationshi

November 2015  |  New Haven Register  

"FBI Director James Comey had nothing but praise for Project Longevity in New Haven when he spoke Monday at the Building Bridges Conference. 'I think Project Longevity shows what can happen when law enforcement and the community come together,' Comey said. 'I believe New Haven is a place where some very creative things and work are being done.'"

Tags: BridgeportHartfordNew Haven Group Violence Intervention ReconciliationSupport and Outreach

Racketeering convictions end DA Cannizzaro’s run at Lower 9th Ward’s Cut Throat City gang

November 2015  |  The Times-Picayune  

"Two remaining indicted members of a high-volume drug cartel based in New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward pleaded guilty to state racketeering charges Monday (Nov. 16) in exchange for 25-year prison terms." New Orleans has employed the National Network's GVI approach and sought to obtain heavy federal sentences for some of its offenders as a result of their criminal histories. This piece highlights the success that New Orleans has had in achieving that goal. 

Tags: New Orleans Group Violence Intervention Strategic Prosecution

Sneak Peek at Insights from Key Players in “Turning Point”

November 2015  |  Big Mountain Data  

"Among the mountains of programs devoted to addressing the plague of domestic violence, the police initiative in High Point, N.C., stands out for it bold approach to holding offenders accountable.Big Mountain Data will showcase the High Point Model in a documentary debuting this fall. “Turning Point” will tell the groundbreaking story of the program’s success so far. In three years, the city has nearly eliminated domestic violence homicides and decreased repeat offender recidivism."

Tags: High Point Domestic Violence Intervention Custom NotificationsSupport and Outreach

Improving Community Relations Focus of Statewide Law Enforcement Conference

November 2015  |  Time Warner Cable News  

National Network partners in Albany, Buffalo, and Newburgh recently took part in a discussion regarding the spread of gun violence in various communities in New York. "Curbing gun violence and homicides is the focus of a two-day conference in Saratoga Springs this week. Overseen by DCJS, the Gun Involved Violence Elimination (GIVE) symposium has brought together 200 law enforcement professionals from 17 upstate counties."

Tags: Group Violence Intervention

New Orleans city officials face off with gang members, give them a choice

November 2015  |  The Times-Picayune  

New Orleans has been using National Network strategies since 2012. The call-in is a central method of communication that allows the GVI partnership to communicate directly with high risk individuals and offer them a path out away from violence. 

Tags: New Orleans Group Violence Intervention

Peoria Provides Tips for Cutting Down on Violence

November 2015  |  WMBD-Peoria  

"Police from across the state are in Peoria, because the river city is being recognized for its efforts to cut violent crime.Departments from all over Illinois are represented with officers coming from as far as Joliet and Rockford to hear about Peoria’s Don't Shoot program.They hope to use what they learn to make their communities safer."

Tags: Peoria Group Violence Intervention

Police strategy to focus on population causing the most problems

November 2015  |  South Pittsburgh Reporter  

"A policing strategy focused on a small population that causes most of the violence in the city was among at the topics at the Oct. 21 city-wide public safety council meeting.Entitled “Where do we go from here?”, the meeting drew more than 100 residents to the Pittsburgh Project building on the North Side, prompting Assistant Chief Scott Schubert to comment he appreciated the “great turnout.The meeting began with a presentation on the Group Violence Intervention (GVI) policing strategy by Commander Larry Scirotto and Detective Amy Mattia, Major Crimes"."

Tags: Pittsburgh National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice Group Violence Intervention Reconciliation

City’s Policing Efforts Set The Tone

October 2015  |  New Haven Indepdent   

"Though New Haven was not officially represented on the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, many of the strategies the city has implemented over the last few years are reflected in that group’s final report.The city’s top police officers got to hear how their efforts at community policing have influenced the task force’s recommendations to President Obama and his successor at the beginning of Thursday’s weekly Compstat data-sharing meeting at 1 Union Ave."

Tags: New Haven National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice Group Violence Intervention Reconciliation

New Orleans Cuts Gang Homicides By 32 percent

October 2015  |  The Crime Report   

"After implementing an approach specifically designed to stop gang violence in 2012, authorities in New Orleans saw “a statistically significant reduction above and beyond changes observed in comparable lethally violent cities,” write researchers Nicholas Corsaro and Robin S. Engel, of the University of Cincinnati. Among key outcomes, they found a 17 percent reduction in overall homicides, a 32 percent reduction in gang homicides, and a 26 percent reduction in homicides involving young Black male victims."

Tags: New Orleans Group Violence Intervention

U.S.Attorney Cites Social-Science Math To Credit “Project Longevity”

October 2015  |  New Haven Indepdent   

"The U.S. Attorney’s Office said it knows the precise number of shootings prevented each month in New Haven thanks to an anti-gang-violence initiative: 4.6. The office released that official number to argue that the initiative, 'Project Longevity,' has succeeded in cutting gun violence in New Haven."

Tags: New Haven Group Violence Intervention

New Haven’s Project Longevity goes face-to-face in work to end violence

October 2015  |  New Haven Register  

Connecticut's Project Longevity practices direct engagement with high risk individuals in order help them turn their lives around. New Haven has been working under Project Longevity since 2012. 

Tags: New Haven Group Violence Intervention

Rockford police to map city’s social crime networks

October 2015  |  Rockfrod Register Star  

" Police plan to analyze criminal social networks in an attempt to reveal who is most likely to be involved in violent crime, either as an offender or as a victim."

Tags: Rockford Group Violence Intervention Social Network Analysis

D.A., Police Chief Announce Group Violence Intervention Call-In

October 2015  |  Hudson Valley News Network  

Newburgh, NY is beginning call-ins as part of its Group Violence Intervention. GVI has a successful track record that Newburgh will look to build upon. 

Tags: Group Violence Intervention

How to Build Trust in Policing

October 2015  |  The Marshall Project   

"Following recent deadly police-citizen encounters, such as those in Ferguson, Charleston, New York City, Baltimore, and elsewhere, trust in the police has plummeted. Gallup recently reported that confidence in the police has reached a 22-year low and is much lower among blacks, who have borne the brunt of both crime and overly aggressive policing. This is an urgent matter of public safety, because in communities that feel estranged, citizens are less likely to work in collaboration with the police, reporting crimes, or acting as witnesses."

Tags: National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice Swift, Certain, & Fair

The Paradox in America’s Treatment of Gun Violence

October 2015  |  Pacific Standard  

"Where we worry most, we can help the least; and where we could help most, we care the least. Stopping gun violence is all about knowing where to start."

Tags: Group Violence InterventionIndividual Gun Violence Intervention

Police Leaders Join Call to Cut Prison Rosters

October 2015  |  New York Times  

Some of the National Network's longtime partners and the newly announced IIP's advisory board are among 130 police chiefs, prosecutors and sheriffs are adding their clout to the movement to reduce the nation’s incarceration rate.

Tags: Institute for Innovation in ProsecutionNational Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice

Prosecutors Are Uniquely Positioned to Drive Criminal Justice Reform

October 2015  |  Huffington Post  

John Jay College and the District Attorney of New York are announcing the launch of a national prosecutorial think tank designed to answer that very question. The Institute for Innovation in Prosecution (IIP) will seize upon this unique moment to reimagine the role of the prosecutor in a reformed, 21st-century justice system.

Tags: Institute for Innovation in Prosecution Strategic Prosecution

New Fort Worth chief touts community policing at swearing-in

October 2015  |  Fort Worth Star-Telegram   

"In a 20-minute speech Tuesday, new Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald touted the importance of community policing. It was clear that the 44-year-old, most recently police chief in Allentown, Pa., is serious about that approach."

Tags: Fort Worth National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice Reconciliation

How the FBI is joining forces with area cops to crack down on violent crime in Rockford

October 2015  |  WREX-Rockford   

"FBI agents join with area cops to the fight the violence in Rockford. They're helping start what's called the Safe Streets Task Force. The program is new to Rockford, but not the FBI. The agency uses this tool as a way to help local law enforcement go after violent criminals who are causing problems on the streets."

Tags: Rockford Group Violence Intervention

This edition: David M. Kennedy on Creating Safer Communities for All

October 2015  |  Bob Hebrert's Op-Ed.TV  

"The issues of street violence, as well as police brutality and community unrest are nothing new in America, however with the omnipresence of cell phone cameras, these problems are more visible than ever before. Professor David M. Kennedy, director of the National Network for Safe Communities at John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY talks with Bob Herbert about the root causes of these issues, and what can, and is being done to bring about change."

Tags: Reconciliation

Novel Strategy Felled Deadly “Brim” Gang

October 2015  |  New Haven Independent   

"Before 2011 ended, the return of the Wild West to a city that had boasted of taming its streets brought a new police chief to town, a new commitment to community policing—and, eventually a new approach to addressing gang violence in cooperation with state and federal law-enforcement agencies."


Tags: BridgeportHartfordNew Haven Group Violence Intervention

New Think Tank Aims to Train, Study Prosecutors

October 2015  |  Wall Street Journal  

John Jay College, Manhattan District Attorney aim to improve understanding of key law enforcers.

Tags: Institute for Innovation in Prosecution Strategic Prosecution

Police Can’t Predict the Future. Fortunately, They Don’t Have to.

October 2015  |  Huffington Post  

An op-ed by David Kennedy discusses what's fair and what works in violence prevention.

Tags: Kansas City Group Violence Intervention

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