The National Network for Safe Communities supports cities implementing proven strategic interventions to reduce violence and improve public safety, minimize arrest and incarceration, strengthen communities, and improve relationships between law enforcement and the communities it serves.The National Network is committed to building a community of practice that operates along a set of guiding principles:

First do no harm

Strengthen communities’ capacity to prevent violence

Enhance legitimacy

Offer help to those who want it

Get deterrence right

Use enforcement strategically

News & Updates

  • Chicago Teens And Combat Veterans Join Forces To Process Trauma

    January 2016  |  NPR  

    "The YMCA of Metro Chicago project connects kids like Courtney-Clarks, who live in high-violence neighborhoods, with veterans who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan and who might understand what they're going through...The Urban Warriors program is built on the idea that these kids are experiencing trauma and need to process it, and that witnessing or experiencing violence can affect how they behave at home, react at school, or lead them to commit violence themselves."

    Tags: Chicago Group Violence Intervention Support and Outreach

  • US attorney for Connecticut builds closer ties with police

    January 2016  |  Associated Press  

    "Federal law enforcement agencies are working more closely with big-city police departments in Connecticut to fight violent crime, the state’s top U.S. prosecutor said in an interview. Cooperation has been particularly effective in New Haven, where the police department has begun regularly sharing intelligence, U.S. Attorney Deirdre Daly said. Representatives from Daly’s office, federal and state agencies, New Haven police and other local departments huddle together daily in meetings that began this month."

    Tags: New Haven Group Violence Intervention

  • Suffolk Partners with Federal Officials to Create Firearm Supression Team

    January 2016  |  Long Island Exchange  

    "Officials from the Suffolk County Police Department, Suffolk County Probation, FBI and ATF today announced the creation of a firearm suppression team aimed at removing illegal guns from Suffolk County streets at a press conference in HauppaugeF.A.S.T, Firearm Suppression Team, will target individuals who pose the most significant threat to the safety of Suffolk residents and will aim to remove illegal firearms from the county’s streets. F.A.S.T. will focus its attention on communities that are most affected by firearm-related crimes."

    Tags: Group Violence Intervention

  • A safe space in one of Chicago’s most violent neighborhoods

    January 2016  |  CBS News  

    This article profiles "Kids Off the Block," a community initiative in Chicago that "provides a safe space for youth who experience gun violence as part of everyday life." The program, coupled with the Chicago Violence Reduction Strategy, is producing important results for young people in these Chicago neighborhoods. 

    Tags: Chicago Group Violence Intervention Support and Outreach

  • The NYPD: Winning the war on crime

    January 2016  |  New York Daily News  

    Police Commissioner Bill Bratton discusses the important steps the NYPD is taking to combat crime in New York City as well as the results that were produced in 2015. In addition to generally positive crime trends, the NYPD has worked, with promising results, to decrease enforcement encounters including a 96% decline in stop and frisks since 2011. Commissioner Bratton writes that "the NYPD and New York City’s many diverse communities are supposed to be allies, but the way we have done business in the past has often kept us from finding common ground. We will find the common ground we seek on local ground."

    Tags: New York City Group Violence InterventionSwift, Certain, & Fair

  • Stockton Crime Rate at 15-Year Low

    January 2016  |  Stockton Record  

    "The Stockton Police Department released statistics Wednesday showing that the city’s crime rate hit a 15-year low in 2015, a sign of progress in a community that has been besieged by violence in recent years. Jones said the statistics validate policies put in place to reduce violent crime in Stockton, including the Marshall Plan, Operation Ceasefire and the Neighborhood Blitz Team."

    Tags: Stockton Group Violence Intervention Reconciliation

NNSC Impact


reduction in drug offenses



reduction in homicides through Project Safe Neighborhoods



reduction in shootings among notified violent groups



reduction in non-violent offenses



reduction in youth homicide



reduction in gun homicide through Stockton Operation Peacekeeper, 1997-2002



reduction in drug offenses in all 4 neighborhoods

High Point


reduction in gun assaults through Project Safe Neighborhooods



reduction in group member-involved homicide