The National Network for Safe Communities is an alliance of cities dedicated to advancing proven strategies to combat violent crime, reduce incarceration and rebuild relations between law enforcement and distressed communities. The National Network’s strategies operate along these guiding principles:

x First do no harm

x Strengthen communities’ capacity to prevent violence

x Enhance legitimacy

x Offer help to those who want it

x Get deterrence right

x Use enforcement strategically

NNSC News & Updates

  • September 2014  |  COPS Office Dispatch  

    High Point Chief of Police Marty Sumner recently spoke to the COPS Office Dispatch about the city's initiative that places accountability squarely on domestic violence offenders, which is having a striking impact. Using the National Network’s approach, the strategy emphasizes deterrence, early intervention, and offender accountability, and since its implementation in 2009, High Point has experienced significant reductions in DV-related homicides, recidivism, and arrests.

    Tags: High Point Domestic Violence Intervention

  • August 2014  |  WNDU  

    Over the last four years in South Bend, shootings have gone up during the summer months. However, this year has been different. Homicide is down this summer and the South Bend community leaders involved in the city's Group Violence Intervention think it's due to the success of the call-in meeting held in May, where law enforcement, community activists, and service providers spoke directly to group members about stopping the violence. South Bend held it's second call-in August 28th.

    Tags: South Bend Group Violence Intervention

  • August 2014  |  Blog Talk Radio  

    The National Network's pilot intervention aimed at the most dangerous domestic violence offenders is showing promising results in its initial implementation in High Point, North Carolina, and heading for replication in several other cities. Domestic violence victim advocate Shay Harger saw the essence of the approach from the outset: "It was the first time I'd had somebody say to me, "the victim doesn't have to take responsibility for somebody else's behavior." Harger and High Point Chief of Police Marty Sumner discuss the OFDVI approach.

    Tags: High Point Domestic Violence Intervention

  • August 2014  |  Central Illinois Proud  

    Don't Shoot in Peoria held it's sixth call-in with group members, and the dedicated community members involved in the strategy believe the message is getting across. 

    Tags: Peoria Drug Market InterventionGroup Violence Intervention

  • August 2014  |  The Advocate  

    Looking to the example of veteran National Network partner High Point Police Department in High Point, North Carolina, East Baton Rouge District Attorney's Office' DA Hillar Moore is hoping to adopt a new approach to target chronic domestic violence offenders, expanding on the tactics already in place for the city-parish's anti-group violence initiative, BRAVE, Baton Rouge.

    Tags: Baton RougeHigh Point Domestic Violence Intervention

  • August 2014  |  NPR  

    NPR's Code Switch discusses tensions between police and communities, and means to build trust, in the aftermath of the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. David Kennedy contributes the National Network's experience with shifting and resetting these relationships.

    Tags: Racial Reconciliation

NNSC Impact


reduction in homicides through Project Safe Neighborhoods



reduction in non-violent offenses



reduction in gun homicide through Stockton Operation Peacekeeper, 1997-2002



reduction in gang-member involved homicide



reduction in gun assaults through Project Safe Neighborhooods



reduction in youth homicide



reduction in Part 1 UCR crime in 3 out of 4 DMI neighborhoods

High Point


reduction in drug offenses



reduction in drug offenses in all 4 neighborhoods

High Point