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Our Work

The Executive Session: The IIP Executive Session brings together prosecutors, defense attorneys, police chiefs, judges, law enforcement researchers and advocates, and state and federal leaders to engage in a facilitated dialogue with the goal of developing ideas on repositioning the role of the prosecutor within the evolving criminal justice landscape and promoting the fair, equal, and effective administration of justice across the United States.

Practitioner Learning: IIP seminars for newly elected prosecutors and mid-level staff elevate the role and voice of the prosecutor in addressing critical national issues and advancing national standards of excellence. The events promote intelligence-driven prosecution, effective crime reduction efforts, and strategies to enhance trust in the criminal justice system.

Strategic Advising: The IIP is partnering with prosecutors and law enforcement organizations to implement and evaluate policies and strategies in line with its core principles. Areas of focus include procedural justice, implicit bias, and evidence based practices for prosecutors to support the twin goals of reducing crime and minimizing incarceration.

Research & Evaluation: The IIP convenes thought leaders, practitioners and other experts in the field to identify central research questions regarding prosecution and evaluate the effectiveness of new interventions. These events will help define what is important in the field, how to measure and track new outcomes, and how new research can address these core areas.