• Drug Market Intervention

    The Drug Market Intervention (DMI) eliminates overt drug markets by bringing together community leaders, law enforcement, and service providers with street-level drug dealers and their families to make it clear that the dealing must stop.

The High Point Drug Market Intervention Strategy (2009)

This publication sets out the compelling story of High Point’s original Drug Market Intervention work and describes how the intervention was successfully duplicated in Providence, Rhode Island.

Overt drug markets destroy neighborhoods, contribute to crime, and have a negative effect on communities. The arrest and imprisonment of drug dealers alone has not eliminated the problem. In 2004, the High Point, North Carolina, Police Department tried a different strategy and succeeded in eliminating the city’s most notorious drug markets in a little over 3 years. What became known as the “High Point Model” has since been rolled out successfully as the Drug Market Intervention (DMI) strategy in many jurisdictions around the country and continues to be advanced under the umbrella of the National Network for Safe Communities.

The High Point Drug Market Intervention Strategy tells the compelling story of designing and implementing the original intervention in High Point and describes a subsequent successful replication in Providence, Rhode Island.

This publication is part of an ongoing series by the National Network for Safe Communities about its two core crime reduction strategies: the Group Violence Intervention and the Drug Market Intervention.


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