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    The NNSC works with communities around the country to reduce crime, minimize incarceration, and enhance public safety.

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The National Network works closely with cities around the country to implement proven violence reduction strategies. The jurisdictions with which we work demonstrate a firm commitment model fidelity and to the National Network’s key principles. Our dedicated staff provides unparalleled technical assistance to guide strategic implementation in communities across the United States. Committed community members, law enforcement representatives, or city officials may initiate contact with the National Network; however, sustainable implementation typically requires commitment from at least one of the following principals:

  • Mayor/city manager
  • County executive
  • Chief of police
  • District attorney
  • US attorney
  • Sheriff

Implementing the National Network's strategies requires a strong commitment to work collaboratively with members from a robust partnership. Many jurisdictions benefit from strategic guidance by experienced advisors. If you are one of these principals in a jurisdiction and would like to join the National Network or would simply like to inquire further about implementation and membership, please contact us at info@nnscommunities.org


Federal Government

Private Organizations

Contract Cities 

In addition to the generous funding provided by public and private entities to support our model, the National Network for Safe Communities works in contract with interested cities to provide technical assistance on proven violence reduction strategies.