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    "Peoria’s Don’t Shoot crime-fighting intervention is about saving lives and reducing the number of people impacted by gun crimes...When a shooting occurs, it goes beyond the victim—it impacts the community." - dontshootpeoria.com


Don’t Shoot Peoria is a community-based effort to reduce group-related gun violence, save lives, and strengthen the community. Led by Mayor Jim Ardis, the initiative has created partnerships among federal, state and local prosecutors; law enforcement; outreach specialists; community leaders; and media.

Recent efforts have resulted in the Peoria Community Against Violence (PCAV), an organized voice opposing violence and offering alternatives to active group members. The National Network for Safe Communities has provided close strategic advising on Don't Shoot Peoria to guide implementation. 

News & Updates

Peoria mayor credits program for reducing gun violence

February 2016  |  The News-Gazette  

Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis credits NNSC interventions with reducing gun violence in his city. The approach has led to significant results in Peoria. 

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Peoria Provides Tips for Cutting Down on Violence

November 2015  |  WMBD-Peoria  

"Police from across the state are in Peoria, because the river city is being recognized for its efforts to cut violent crime.Departments from all over Illinois are represented with officers coming from as far as Joliet and Rockford to hear about Peoria’s Don't Shoot program.They hope to use what they learn to make their communities safer."

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Officials say Don’t Shoot program’s renewed focus on deterrence is yielding results

September 2015  |  Peoria Journal Star  

"As local law enforcement officials prepared for another call-in Wednesday night in the Don’t Shoot anti-violence initiative, the area’s top prosecutors say two rounds of federal indictments under the program have yielded results..."

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U.S. Attorney Jim Lewis: ‘Don’t shoot’ program a valuable policing tool

July 2015  |  State Journal Register  

"It worked in Peoria. Law enforcement identified and prosecuted the very few who drove the violent crime. And law enforcement, together with community voices and leaders, called in people who appeared tempted toward violent crime. These call-ins were open to the public and included messages from law enforcement, social services, ex-offenders, the faith community and other moral voices, all spelling out the expectation that people in Peoria should not shoot one another."

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The Don’t Shoot Initiative changes man’s life

May 2015  |  CI News Now  

An effort is being made in Peoria to help reduce repeat offenses. Those who've had a run-in with the law can reach out for help, thanks to the Don't Shoot initiative.

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Don’t Shoot Call-In Targets New Group Of Offenders

May 2015  |  WMBD  

Nine men with ties to local gangs were told to put the guns down, or risk going to jail — and to take the message back to their “group.”

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Don’t Shoot Call-In warns gang affiliates about gun violence in Peoria

May 2015  |  CI News Now  

Nine people, all with ties to gangs, were told to put the guns down and take that message back to their "group." That message was given at Monday night's Don't Shoot Call-In.

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Up to 35 targeted offenders receiving services from Don’t Shoot

February 2015  |  Central Illinois Proud  

In two years of partnership with the National Network, the Don’t Shoot Peoria initiative has brought an overall drop in violent crime. In February, Peoria held its’ sixth call-in meeting delivering a community anti-violence message. Since Peoria’s first call-in, over 200 offenders have reached out for services. Community services coordinator Krista Coleman says up to 35 of the offenders have stayed engaged and connected to the resources provided, helping to support and sustain life off the streets.

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Message Getting Across in Sixth Peoria Don’t Shoot Call-In

August 2014  |  Central Illinois Proud  

Don't Shoot in Peoria held it's sixth call-in with group members, and the dedicated community members involved in the strategy believe the message is getting across. 

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Using Social Networks To Track And Predict Gun Violence

December 2013  |  Fast Company  

A new study with some of National Network's outside partners, along with the Chicago police department and a MacArthur Foundation grant, shows carefully treating individuals in social networks, not broad-based racial profiling, could reduce gun violence in an unprecedented way.

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