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    "Ceasefire is an enhancement and broadening of our focus on violent offenders. This is the full model and this model has been nationally recognized." - Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore


Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake recruited the National Network in 2013 to help the city implement Operation Ceasefire, shortly after Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts released the city's new strategic public safety plan. The National Network is currently advising implementation on Baltimore's East and West sides. The effort launched officially in early 2014 and the first call-in occurred in June 2014. 

Baltimore's Operation Ceasefire partnership offers help to group and gang members through a support and outreach network whose mission is as follows: “Our goal will be to provide timely, intensive, and quality case management to this high-risk population in order to move them into appropriate systems of care. The oversight of this mission will be the sole responsibility of the Ceasefire management team and the Ceasefire Support and Outreach Subcommittee."

National Network Director David Kennedy originally introduced Operation Ceasefire to Baltimore in the late 1990s and left under the Martin O'Malley mayoral administration. Says Kennedy, "the opportunity to come back and do it right this time is very precious and very personal."

News & Updates

I Just Lost My Fourth Student This Year to Gun Violence. I Want to Make Sure He’s the Last.

April 2017  |  The Trace  

Tammatha Woodhouse, principal of Excel Academy in Baltimore: "I gave teachers an article by [Yale professor Andrew Papachristos]. It’s about treating gun violence as an epidemic, the way we do with HIV. I felt that the important takeaway for my kids was the idea that bad behavior of people in your social network – your friends and neighbors and relatives – can place you at high risk if you’re interacting with them on a daily basis. Some of the students could relate to the idea of changing your friends. Like, “If I don’t smoke marijuana, why am I hanging out with folks who smoke it?”

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Top Prosecutors Are Part of New Gun Enforcement Unit

December 2016  |  Baltimore Sun   

"A special unit of "elite" prosecutors and police detectives devoted to putting violent repeat gun offenders behind bars has officially begun operations in Baltimore."

Tags: Baltimore Institute for Innovation in Prosecution

Baltimore police, Hopkins researchers form new partnership to study, prevent violence

February 2016  |  Baltimore Sun  

"Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis, top criminal justice researchers at the Johns Hopkins University and city leaders on Monday announced a partnership to apply the latest research to everyday policing. Police hope the Baltimore Collaborative for Violence Prevention will have an immediate impact on crime rates. Researchers hope it will "create opportunities to advance the science of violence prevention."

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The Crisis of Police Legitimacy

May 2015  |  The Hill  

As riots engulfed parts of Baltimore, and Americans everywhere were forced to confront police killings and other brutalities in minority communities, TV viewers and newspaper readers were exposed to a series of polls demonstrating the very different attitudes African-Americans and whites display toward our police. These statistics signal a crisis of legitimacy for our police in the African-American community. 

Tags: Baltimore National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice Reconciliation

Experts question gang involvement in riots

April 2015  |  Baltimore Sun  

"People in these neighborhoods don't like chaos and destruction," said Kennedy, who has been advising Baltimore on its Operation Ceasefire strategy. "It's being driven by a small, number of people."

Tags: Baltimore Group Violence Intervention Reconciliation

Getting Past Homicide Numbers

February 2015  |  WYPR  

How do murder statistics reported by the media shape the way we think about our communities and the people who live in them? David M. Kennedy joined Sheila Kast and Jonna McKone on Maryland Morning's WYPR to consider some central questions about public safety, policing, violence, and National Network's Operation Ceasefire efforts in Baltimore.

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Baltimore Police Seize $3M Worth Of Drugs, Cash In Operation Ceasefire Bust

September 2014  |  Baltimore CBS Local  

As part of Baltimore's Operation Ceasefire, Baltimore PD made a drug bust netting $3 million in heroin and cash–all from one suspect who had recently attended an Operation Ceasefire call-in.As part of Baltimore's Operation Ceasefire.

Tags: Baltimore Drug Market Intervention Group Violence Intervention

Baltimore Police look to Chicago for crime-fighting insight

March 2014  |  Baltimore Sun  

Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts and other top members of the agency visit counterparts in Chicago to observe their Violence Reduction Strategy in action.

Tags: Baltimore Chicago Group Violence Intervention

Baltimore City relaunching Operation Ceasefire

March 2014  |  ABC2  

Experts call it a community approach to combating crime.

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David Kennedy on Operation Ceasefire & Returning to Baltimore

March 2014  |  The Marc Steiner Show  

Kennedy, who introduced his unorthodox but highly successful approach to crime prevention in Baltimore in the late 1990s and left under the Martin O’Malley mayoral administration, has been recruited to return to Baltimore by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

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Support & Outreach

Baltimore's Operation Ceasefire support and outreach network includes a select group of partners:

  • Baltimore Recovery
  • Human Service Community Action Center
  • The ReC Reentry Services
  • Canter For Grace-Full Living
  • Morgan State School of Social Work
  • Jericho Reentry
  • Baltimore Health Systems
  • Safe Streets West & East
  • Mayor’s Office on Constituent Services
  • Strength to Love II
  • No Turning Back, Inc.
  • Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters
  • A Step Forward, Inc.
  • Baltimore City Health Department
  • Mayor’s Reentry Advisors Council
  • First Mount Calvary Church
  • Group Ministries
  • Baltimore PD's Community Partnership Division
  • Center for Urban Families
  • Baltimore/MD Department of Social Service
  • New Song Church
  • Episcopal Community Services
  • University of Maryland Violence Prevention
  • Baltimore Safe and Sound