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    "David Kennedy's ideas are resorative and community based. When we have a criminal justice system where the victim is the government, or the focus is the government's power, it's not community building. Kennedy busts that up and makes it a focus on the community. That's resorative--and that's what we're about." Tim Dunn, Vice Chairman, Texas Public Policy Foundation


The DMI program in Austin began in 2012 and is a partnership between the affected neighborhoods, the Travis County District Attorney’s Office, and the Austin Police Department.

News & Updates

Neighborhood sees change after APD’s Drug Market Intervention program

October 2014  |  KXAN  

A neighborhood in East Austin notorious for crime, prostitution and drug-dealing, is looking a lot different these days, partly due to APD's Drug Market Intervention launched 2 years ago.

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Reclaiming ‘The Corner’

September 2013  |  Austin Chronicle  

APD stats reflect a significant drop in crime since instituting DMINeighbors, police, and prosecutors applaud the ‘Drug Market Intervention’ at 12th and Chicon.

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A Second Chance for Drug Dealers on ‘The Corner’

May 2013  |  Austin Chronicle   

The Drug Market Intervention project in action.

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Working ‘The Corner’

July 2012  |  The Auston Chronicle  

After experiencing challenges with traditional law enforcement approaches, District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, Austin Police Department and the community plan to implement DMI to save the neighborhood on 12th and Chicon. Former High Point Police Chief James Fealy discusses how he learned that traditional enforcement actions do nothing to stop the open-air drug markets during his 30 years at Austin Police Department before moving to High Point, North Carolina in 2002 to take over as chief of police. 

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