News & Updates June 6, 2018

Where Killings Go Unsolved

The Washington Post has identified the places in dozens of American cities where murder is common but arrests are rare. These pockets of impunity were identified by obtaining and analyzing up to a decade of homicide arrest data from 50 of the nation’s largest cities. The analysis of 52,000 criminal homicides goes beyond what is

News & Updates October 6, 2017

Why Do We Ignore Initiatives That Reduce Gun Violence?

“While movies, television and news outlets often give the impression that entire cities and neighborhoods are filled with thugs, criminals and killers, the reality is that those responsible for a majority of shootings represent a tiny percentage of the residents of any given city. In response to this fact, effective gun violence reduction strategies adopt

News & Updates August 24, 2017

Put the Guns Down: A Chicago Strategy for Curbing Violence

According to a recent report from the Urban Institute, a strategy aimed at reducing gun violence in Chicago by targeting gang members most at risk of being victims or perpetrators with a combination of “moral suasion” and the threat of criminal sanctions resulted in significant reductions of violence.

News & Updates July 17, 2017

Meet a new breed of prosecutor

Institute for Innovation in Prosecution Executive Session members Mark Gonzalez, Kim Ogg, and Kim Foxx are among a new breed of prosecutors who are “eschewing the death penalty, talking rehabilitation as much as punishment, and often refusing to charge people for minor offenses.”

News & Updates July 6, 2017

The Cost Of Jobs: Officials say jobs are key to reducing violence, but […]

To tamp down Chicago’s gun violence, officials are trying things such as more youth mentoring and more cops. They are also talking about another approach: getting shooters employed. “The best anti-crime program is a job,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said last fall in a heavily hyped speech about the city’s violence. “It’s that simple.”

News & Updates June 30, 2017

Google Gives $2 Million to Curb Gun Violence

The tech giant’s philanthropic arm will grant $2 million to fund gun violence prevention programs in communities of color in 10 American cities. Most of the investment will go to programs that follow the model of Ceasefire, a violence-reduction strategy that coordinates law enforcement, community stakeholders, and social services to drive down shootings. The grants will also establish job-training